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Total cognizable crime under IPC sections reported in A.P. State during the year 2001  is  1,17,959                                                                                 

            If we consider only  the grand total of  bodily offences , property offences and white collar offences under  the IPC  the total crime will be 57148 in 2000 and 60614 in 2001.  The other IPC  cases are 58,545 in number.

The District wise percentage of the IPC crime with respect to  the bodily,  property and white collar offences  is given in the tables that follow.


A study of the  total  cognizable crime over the past ten years (Details given in chapter 14)  indicates  that there has been a notable reduction in the incidence of  “conventional”  crime such as  dacoities, robberies etc; and  there is a substantial increase in the incidence of White Collar Crime such as Cheatings, Breach of Trust.

Crime against women  has shown an increase over the decade and the reasons are  mainly the dwindling of joint family system, better awareness and better financial independence  among women.


In the next few years, it is expected that the  conventional crime would drop further and  Economic Offences,  Terrorist  Crimes and   Crime and L & O  problems resulting  from  urbanization will substantially increase.  Cyber Crimes are also expected to increase, but only slightly because  the computerization  in India especially  in the banking and other related financial institutions is still in the infancy stage.        

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