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Please follow the guidelines below to open a new mail account for yourself.  You are requested to open not more than three email addresse for YOURSELF.

1.    First   disable  Internet and connect  to Intranet.   If you are able to see this web page, you are in Intranet.

2    To open a new email account for yourself, type 

3.   Click  Add new user and follow the instructions.  

4.    Note down your password as entered by you.

5.    Open Outlook express and create your new account with your user name and password.

6.    Test the new mail account by sending email to your own account.

7.    Inform your new eMail address to your friends, subordinates and colleagues  in police department.

8.    Send  attachments also, as per your wish.      


                    Please note that the new  eMail address will be of the form

                    Also note that this email address is not made available outside Police department for reasons of security and confidentiality.   In other words, you can use this eMail address to send emails to your colleagues and others in A.P Police only.

                    Make sure that the attachments you send are free from viruses.  If they have any viruses, in general, the mail will be transmited but the attachment will be blocked by the Mail Server automatically.  Depending on the seriousness of the infection, the server will decide automatically if the entire mail is to be blocked.  Thus the recipient computer will not be infected with viruses from your computer.

                We are not responsible if your infected mails or attachments are blocked by our Mail Server

                    We make every effort to update our virus data files periodically.  We are not responsible if your computer still  spreads a new and hitherto unknown virus to other computers through emails and attachments.



The End
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Last update: 10/03/05