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Shujath Ali, IIS

Chief PRO To DG & IG of Police

Andhra Pradesh


June 14, 2002



Sub:- I & PR Department- Adverse News Items from newspapers  in AP-ONE – consolidated list of news items from 24-3-2002 to 30-3-2002.


Ref:- From the Director, I & P. P. & E.O. Joint Secretary to  Govt.           G.A.(I & P.R)  Department, DIPR/Peshi/ANI/200 / dt. 2-4-2002.


                        D.O.Letter No.13376/Genl.B/A1/2002-1      Dated:29-05-2002

                        of M/S. P.Renuka Devi  D.S. to Govt. Home department.




            I am here with enclosing the reports on item no. 2 & 6 as desired  by you.




Yours Sincerely,

         Sd -

          ( SHUJATH ALI )






Information & Public Relations &

E.O.Jt.Secy. to Govt. (I&PR) Dept.



Copy to M/S. P. Rennka Devi

Dy. Secy. to Government.






Report on item No. 2.


With regard to news item in Eenadu daily Dt. 26-3-2002 under the Caption “Artharathri Veedullo Parugu” the following is the report of Commandant XII Bnt.Nalgonda.


            Sri Venkataiah and his wife Sambbamma went to STD booth at DVK Bus stage on the night of 24.03.2002 to pass on a message to his daughter in Tenali, about the death of a girl.  After passing on the message while they were proceeding to home, Sri G. Srinivasa Rao, RI. Of 12th Bn. Offered lift to Venkataiah to drop at home.  But he refused on the reason that his wife is accompaying him.  On proceeding to some distance Sri G. Srinivasa Rao, RI asked Sambamma to sit on his rear side of the scooter along with her husband to drop them at their home.  She also refused the offer and ranaway  due to fear.  On seeing them the local people tried to catch RI Sri G. Srinivasa Rao, but he fled away on scooter.


            During the enquiry, Sri G. Srinivasa Rao has stated that when he came to know at Telephone Booth that a girl who is staying with Venkataiah was dead he offered to drop, them at their house, on humanitarian grounds but not with any malafide intensions but “Eenadu“ reporter has exaggereted the facts and defamed the APSP force.  It is also revealed during enquiry that Sri G. Srinivasa Rao, R.I, was not in drunken state.


However RI Sri G. Srinivasa Rao was transferred to 9th Bn. APSP, Venkatagiri and he is being dealt on charge (minor punishment roll) by DIG III Bns.  Kurnool for his reprehensible conduct  in asking a lonely women to sit on his scooter without any request from her that too in the night time.


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