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Report on item No. 6.

            The article appeared on front page of the “EENADU ” dated 29.3.2002 under caption “ NIBANDANALANU THOSI RAJULU” “POST UNNA CHOTUKU VELLAKUNDA RAJADHANILO MAKAM”  which is totally baseless and it is the handy work of some indisciplined and disgruntled elements of Police Communication branch.  Discrete enquiries are being made to find the persons indulging into such nefarious activities to defame the organization and its officers for their selfish motives.

            The fact are that the headquarter of the Superintendents of Police (Communications) is at Hyderabad and they are staying at their hqrs.

            The Superintendents of Police (Commn;) are responsible for Administration, Planning, Modernisation and Training aspects etc at the Directorate.

            From the administrative point of view they have jurisdiction over Telangana, Rayalseema  and Andhra Regions.  They are performing their legitimate duties without any inconvenience to the administration and to the officers and men of this organization.  The details of various sections held by each S.P( C ) at Hyderabad are furnished below;

S.P(C) Hyderabad Region, Hyderabad:- Incharge of the UHF Communication network in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, which is one of the largest Police Communiction Networks in the country and also the 1200 lines EPABX system of City Police Hyderabad.

S.P(C) Tirupathi Region, Hyderabad:- Incharge of Technical stores, Store purchase section, Quarter Master, Motor Transport, Planning and Development,Technical Task Force, State Radio Maintenance Centre.

S.P( C )  Vijayawada Region, Hyderabad:- Incharge of State Master Communication Control Station, Super Automex network, HOTLINE network, State Crypto Cell, Training section and Computer La.

            The rejoinder was also sent to EENADU  immediately but unfortunately that was not appeared despite our reminders.

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