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1.  To conduct Videoconference,  first  find out if a SLOT is free on the particular date and time chosen by you by browsing the web site 

2.  Reserve the slot on the web for your time and date, if slot is free, by clicking "Book your slot" option.   If slot is not free then you may have to choose a different date and time and check up slot position.

3.  Contact officers required to participate in the Videoconference and  inform  them  in advance about date and time

4.  Ask for assistance in advance  from Polnet cell (Phone  6668 ) / R&D Wing (Phone 6245)/ CC to D.P.C  (Phone 6990),  at least one day in advance  by giving the date and time slot selected by you

5.  The video conference can be conducted from the Mini Conference Hall 


The End
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Last update: 10/03/05