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This web site is maintained by

Police Communications Organization

Help Line

     The purpose of this web site is to enhance the support services we provide to you from the Police Communications Organization.  We've provided a number of resources here to help you report and resolve problems and  suggest improvements.

     We have further tried to enhance your GK about some facilities such as POLNET, APSWAN etc., through the Knowledge Bank.


     How do I ...

       Conduct  a Teleconference?

       Conduct  a Videoconference?

       Use Polnet?

       Use APSWAN Hotline?

       Open/ Create  a new eMail Account ?

       Publish a web page for my  use?

       Chat with my colleagues?


Top Downloads

bulletAPSWAN Hotline Directory
bulletPolnet Directory
bulletState Telephone Directory
bulletHyderabad City Tel. Directory
bulletmore . . .

Technical Support Information

Technical support is offered Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone : 23233000,  2785-2248
E-Mail :
Director's EMail

NB: Inform on EMail if  technical support can be given within 2 to 3 days.  Please ring up if matter is urgent.

Technical support

bulletAPSWAN hotline
bulletVideo Conference
bulletWireless sets
bulletEmails & Websites

     Your suggestions are valuable to us and help us improve the standards of our services.


     Please  read FAQs  to know the methods of using different facilities  or just  click here





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